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“Natural Healing”

Ashley Grant

I’m a wife and a mom of three. Some days navigating as an entrepreneur flows, other days I’m searching for my cellphone while holding it in my hand. Nothing prepared me for the day I was diagnosed with severe anxiety. The diagnosis came three days after Mardi Gras 2020. I couldn’t be more happier to no longer see purple, green, and gold! We distressed over 100 custom tees. There I was standing in my physician’s office with a burning scalp and a headache piercing with tension. I wanted to leave her office feeling put back together, instead I only left feeling like I had won a lottery of prescription meds.

Two weeks later COVID-19 arrived. If anxiety was a party, I’m sure it was celebrating in my head. After a few zombie episodes and a rash from my pill mill. I decided to up the ante on natural self care and find less invasive ways to heal. Happy Birthday Healing Bars! The original plan was to only create a bar to help relieve anxiety, but targeting three areas just felt like a bonus. Of course my physician was just doing her job however, my job is to help you heal the natural way! I challenge you to explore our soap collection and feel free to share tips of your self care routine below.

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