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“What’s Your Junk”

Ashley Grant

I say its about time you let go of all the junk that’s weighing you down. Depression, anxiety, postpartum, friendships and relationships. Life goes by truly fast, so you need to be present. Present in love and laughter. Last year I prematurely released a line called “JUNKED”. The message was clear but the vision was executed poorly, that story is for another blog. First, let’s be crystal clear. I Got JUNK! Boy do I have junk. I’m 36, a wife, and a mother of three; but that’s not my Junk. I’m a procrastinator and I worry a lot. My ability to work great under deadlines is what carries me through. 

I wont give anxiety to much attention in this blog because it has held me captive long enough. Anxiety was my biggest Junk. It controlled me more than I would like to admit, but no more. I too suffered with postpartum with my first son, thank God that Junk just through itself out! My start to releasing my JUNK, was first admitting that I had a shit load of it. Next, I began focusing on all the things that brought joy into my life. Finally, anyone or anything that wasn’t bringing positivity into my life had to go! You are and manifest to be the company you keep.

This summer our goal is to bring awareness to your mental up keep and health through our active apparel line called “JUNKED”. Exercising and staying active is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. It’s ok if your not an exercise guru, because neither am I. The goal is just to be active and it doesn’t hurt to be stylish. This summer join us in changing the way people view mental health. 

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  • Im a procrastinator and is always behind,but is active at the same time..sometimes its hard to start and finish a task..i wanna do a creative in my own way.reading this really motivated me .i will be following you and keeping up with you guys..thanks
    im very INSPIRED

    Nachelle Tillman

  • This is a procrastinator and is always behind,but im very active when i creative in my own way ,but at times i dont know where to start..reading how you let go and begin to change just motivated me..thanks and i will be following you…INSPIRED…

    Nachelle Tillman

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